Collection list

Gift Sets
Give the Gift of Calm and Wellness with our beautiful tea gift sets. Packaged in custom tissue paper, with handwritten greeting card and custom gift box.
Wellness and Herbal Teas
Sometime we need a little help. This assortment of hand blended teas will give you a little rest, take the pressure off your immune system and give you an extra boost.
Organic Green Teas
Jam packed with antioxidants green tea is also said to lower the risk of heart disease, increased fat loss, improved brain function and protecting against cancer. We have a wide variety to suit everyones taste.
All you need to brew the perfect cup of tea. Browse our collection of double walled mugs and flasks.
Looking for an extra caffeine boost? We have you covered. Black tea is more oxidized than oolong, green, and white teas giving it a more bolder and stronger flavour.
Fruit and Floral
Bursting with flavour, colour, aroma and happiness our assortment of fruit and floral teas will have you hopping and skipping every day.